AN ACCOUNTING TRIUMPH - How I resolved a $129.64 discrepancy (Adventures with Bill Book 8)

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Not at all. It follows that the noun mouse remainsa single word having more than one sense,but only one plural form: mice! Let usturn to more important things.

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And, best of all, the area in which thissoftware lies: desktop publishing. Bill picks up his belongings at the guest house and manages to catch the last train back to Munich. Bill, a college-prepared idealist, is also someone ready to act upon his ideas even if some of them are unrealistic.

In this case, Bill is seeking to find a sign of God through the personal experience of climbing a mountain and conducting a self-initiation ceremony. As a native of Detroit who now resides in downtown St. The head of the local club becomes a candidate for state legislature. Bill takes his place when this man resigns from the club.

owner name situs address legal description amount due - services

Bill is a dreamer. While riding on a Greyhound bus, Bill has the idea of organizing a group of relay runners who run a long distance on the highways to promote a particular cause. He thinks this idea might apply to a political campaign.

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  • One thing leads to another. He volunteers to run one of the legs. Gerald Olson, the campaign manager for Harold LeVander, also endorses the idea. He presents the idea to the Congressional District organization of the Young Republican League and receives tentative support. He makes the rounds of local Young Republican clubs, signing up runners.

    Bill also contacts the College Republicans organization. He receives the list of persons who have given their names at the Republican booth at the Minnesota State Fair. Letters are written to them. The proposal calls for runners, each taking a half-mile segment, to run from the north end of Duluth down highway I to St. Paul and Minneapolis and eventually reach Fort Snelling where a ceremony involving gubernatorial candidate Le Vander would take place.

    The relay runners would carry a hollow baton carrying a message written on a scroll. Olson signs off an all aspects of this plan although he wants to know more about the message to be carried in the baton. Bill composes a statement that portrays the Republicans as a party of honest government and the Democrats as a party that uses trickery and pitches its message to a variety of special interests expecting government to help them.

    The message begins by observes that the Europeans who first visited Minnesota were looking for the Northwest Passage to Asia rather than being persons interested in settling there. The Northwest Passage proved an empty promise but Minnesota is still a good place to live. Bill delivers his proposed message to Jerry Olson. Several days later, he receives a message asking that the Roadrunner project be cancelled. The stated reason is that the Democrats have lately become involved in an insurance scandal.


    Republican Party leaders do not want to draw attention away from that event or risk that their own ventures might fail. Bill dutifully announces cancellation of the Roadrunner project. Sure enough, the insurance scandal does carry the Republicans to victory in November The Republican Lieutenant Governor candidate, also elected, features a bicycle marathon in his campaign. A year later, George Romney is running for President. His chief rival for the Republican nomination is Richard Nixon. Bill decides to approach Olson once again about organizing a relay of runners to promote the Romney candidacy.

    Bill has several appointment with Olson to discuss the project but they are each cancelled. He is again scheduled to meet with Olson on Saturday, March 3, , but Romney withdrew from the presidential race on the previous Wednesday. Bill, a college-trained idealist, is someone ready to act on his ideas even if some of them are unrealistic. In this case, Bill is organizing a major campaign activity for the ultimately successful Republican candidate for Governor of Minnesota but his far-fetched ideas undermine the project.

    The author was cost accountant at a public-transit agency for sixteen years. One of his tasks was to maintain and operate the monthly cost-allocation routine by which the computer assigns indirect costs to cost center and projects within the agencies. The story is set in a time when computer punch cards and paper print-outs were still used to process accounting information. The digit account numbers controlled what would appear on the reports. When errors occurred, it took a complex type of reasoning to straighten out the problem.

    Only someone versed both in writing and accounting could write this story. Bill has written and published a book on world history titled Five Epochs of Civilization. He wants to brand his theory of history with that name. This book is published at the turn of the millennium. What better occasion could there be for announcing a major advance in our understanding of world history?

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    His plan is to arrive in Times Square early and position himself somewhere on the periphery of the crowd. When midnight approaches and the festivities reach a peak, he will hold up this sign as the television cameras scan the scene. A new brand will be born. As luck will have it, Bill wins the drawing for a new television set sponsored by a local flower shop.

    This ties him up for two hours in the morning of December 31st. There is a problem. Although Bill arrives near Times Square around p. Bill works his way forward from the back of the line but the closest he can come to Times Square is Broadway and 51st street. For the next six hours, he is stuck on the street in the middle of the crowd behind police barricades.

    No television cameras are in sight. Bill watches and waits as an electronic sign on the Times Square tower reports the arrival of the new millennium in successive time zones from western Europe to points on this side of the Atlantic.