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When Columbus arrived in America in he first thought that he had found a new way to get to the Eastern World of China and India. It didn't take long to find out that this was not China or India but a place entirely new to Europeans. It was a whole 'New World'.

Of course it was not new at all to the Native people who had lived here for thousands of years. Sir Walter Raleigh was a soldier, poet, farmer, and adventurer. Although he never came to North America he was the spark that led to English settlement. In the books and other written records of his day, there are at least 70 ways to spell his name and nobody cared!

Evidence of ‘Wonderful Brotherhood’ Between Croatan Tribe and Lost Colonists

Tell your teacher about this. See how many ways you can spell Rawley, Ralee, Raulegh How can this be? In the beginning of European settlement almost the whole coast of the present United States was called Virginia in honor of the Queen of England. Later, when a new king came to the throne, he named part of the New World for himself. His name was Charles. In the old Latin language that a lot of the people still used back then, his name was 'Carolus'.

That's where we get " Carolina ". Roanoke Island is located in the area that King Charles named for himself. The English who settled North America were considered to be Europeans , although their island home is not actually a part of the continent of Europe. Some of the very earliest settlers were from Scandinavia.

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Other countries also had business interests here, such as the fishing fleets of Norway. The word " native " just means 'born' and usually refers to people who were born in a certain place. If you were born in the United States you are a native of the United States, no matter where you actually live now. We call the people who were in America before Columbus Native Americans because they were born the first people of America. The Spanish at first believed that they had found a new way to get to India and they called the people they met, 'Indians', for that country.

The Spanish and English were deadly enemies and spent a lot of time and money planning ways to hurt each other.

Such a waste. You should try very hard not to be an enemy to anybody. A " port " is a place on the shore of a body of water lake, ocean, river where ships can safely come close to land and anchor. There is usually a town at the port where ships can get supplies, load and unload their cargoes, and where sailors can go ashore and rest.

Louis, Missouri, is a port on the Mississippi River. Chicago is a port on Lake Michigan. Back in the days of Sir Walter Raleigh the governments of many countries were in the hands of a king or queen, like Elizabeth I of England.

1590 Voyage

Important people, usually high-ranking nobles, would gather around the ruler to give their support and advice. These people were not elected but were chosen by the ruler for their wisdom, influence, and loyalty. This was the " court ". Sir Walter Raleigh was a member of Queen Elizabeth's court. Members of the court were not always wise and loyal and could be dismissed if the ruler got mad at them. A " sound " is a large body of water near the ocean that is mostly separated from the ocean by land, but it is connected to the ocean by waterways called inlets.

Seawater can flow in and out of the sounds through the inlets. Look at a map. If the inlets were closed the sound might then be called a lake because it would no longer be connected to the ocean.

There are several bodies of water near Roanoke Island that are called "sounds. Manteo and Wanchese were two Native American men who sailed back to England with Raleigh's first expedition. They taught the English how to speak the Native language. Two modern towns on Roanoke Island are named for them.

The Europeans who came to the New World built forts to protect themselves from attack by other Europeans and by Native Americans.

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These forts were often just large rings of piled-up sand surrounded by a deep ditch. Inside the ring, which was called an earthwork , they put cannons. Buildings and houses might also be inside the fort. Sometimes fences made of logs, called palisades, were built on top of the ring of sand. This is the kind of fort that some historians believe was built on Roanoke Island by Sir Walter Raleigh's men. Investors are people who give money to a business hoping that the business will in turn make money for them. The early attempts to settle in the New World were considered a business by the people who helped pay for them, the investors.

It didn't always work that way and many investors lost their money when the colonies failed. Explore This Park. Info Alerts Maps Calendar.

Croatoan Mystery Of North Carolina | The Inn on Bath Creek

Alerts In Effect Dismiss. The Roanoke Voyages - Page 2. He gathered more than one hundred men, women, and children as colonists and appointed John White as their governor. Once again guided by Simon Fernando the colonists set out for the New World. This time they did not intend to settle on Roanoke Island, but look further to the North, perhaps near the Chesapeake Bay. Three Years Later It was three long years before John White got a chance to return to Roanoke and search for his friends and family.

England was at war with Spain during this time. Spain had gathered a huge fleet of warships intended to sail across the English Channel and invade England. The English called this fleet the Spanish Armada. Queen Elizabeth of England was reluctant to let any of her own ships leave England. All of them were needed to defend the country against the terrible Armada. John White could not get a ship to take him back to America. Werowance actually means "he who is rich".

Chiefs and their families were held in great status and with respect, but they had to convince followers that action or cause was wise, they did not command. The role of the chief was to spread wealth to his tribe, otherwise respect was lost. The Native Americans living in the Carolinas believed in the immortality of the soul.

Upon death, the soul either enters heaven to live with the gods or goes to a place near the setting sun called Popogusso, to burn for eternity in a huge pit of fire. The concept of heaven and hell was used on the common people to respect leaders and live a life that would be beneficial to them in the afterlife. Conjurors and priests were distinctive spiritual leaders.

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Priests were chosen for their knowledge and wisdom, and were leaders of the organized religion. Conjurors on the other hand were chosen for their magical abilities.