Der andere Beethoven: Das Rätselmetronom oder Die dunklen Tränen (German Edition)

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All books available to All Currently, The Book Depository is able to ship over 4 million unique titles, within 48 hours, from our fulfillment centre in Gloucester, United Kingdom. Experiencing Beethoven : a listener's companion []. Block, Geoffrey Holden, author. Timeline 1. The "Heroic" Style 4. Fidelio: Beethoven's One and Only Opera and 5. Symphonic Alternatives to the Heroic Style 6.

Beethoven and Song 7. The Late Piano Music 8. Daiku: The Big Ninth 9. His many symphonies, sonatas, concertos, string quartets, and his one opera enchant audiences, challenge performers, engage students, and support scholars in their work. In Experiencing Beethoven, music historian Geoffrey Block explores in layman's terms a highly representative body of about two dozen Beethoven instrumental and vocal works, offering listeners who know him well, or are just discovering him, an opportunity to grasp the breadth and depth of his musical genius.

Designed for those unversed in musical terminology or theory, Experiencing Beethoven places the composer's works within the evolving context of his personal and professional life and social and cultural milieu. Block sheds light on the public and private audiences of Beethoven's music, from the concerts for the composer's own financial benefit to the debut of the "Eroica" Symphony at the palace of Prince Lobkowitz to the historic public premiere of his Ninth Symphony.

Experiencing Beethoven paints a portrait of the composer's youth in Bonn, his early triumphs and artistic maturation in Vienna, and-despite the challenges his music posed to his contemporaries- the recognition he received during his lifetime as the most acclaimed composer of the era. Block conveys the range and scope of Beethoven's achievement, from his heroic style to his lyricism, grappling throughout with the composer's power to communicate his idealistic musical vision to listeners in both his time and ours.

Finally, Experiencing Beethoven explores why Beethoven's music continues to enjoy an unwavering appeal in an age saturated with a range of musical styles.

B42 B Unknown. B42 F68 Unknown. Piano sonata in A flat major, Op. Volume 2 []. English Schenker, Heinrich, author. New York : Oxford University Press, Description Book — 1 online resource Summary Heinrich Schenker ranks among the most important figures in the development of western music theory in the 20th century.

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In his 4 volume work, he presented editions of Beethoven's Opp. He included detailed discussion of form and content that grew increasingly penetrating as the musical theory for which he is now known was developed, alongside inspired and detailed suggestions for the performance of each section of each work. Piano sonata in A major, Op. Volume 4 []. His approach to the analysis of music permeates nearly every aspect of the field and continues to this day to be a topic of great interest among music theorists, historians, composers and performers.

He included a movement-by-movement and section-by-section discussion of form and content that grew increasingly penetrating from one volume to the next as the musical theory for which he is now known was developed, alongside inspired and detailed suggestions for the performance of each section of each work. Rothgeb builds upon Schenker's text, adding explanations of certain points in the commentary, references to corrections and other remarks entered by Schenker in his personal copies of the volumes, and graphic presentations of several passages a practice that became standard in Schenker's own analytical work later in his career.

Making these seminal works accessible to English speaking scholars and students for the first time, Beethoven's Last Piano Sonatas is an essential reference for music theorists, historians, performers, and composers alike. Piano sonata in C minor, Op. Volume 3 []. Piano sonata in E major, Op. Volume 1 []. The key to Beethoven : connecting tonality and meaning in his music []. Ellison, Paul M.

Ludwig van Beethoven - A melody of tears

Summary Beethoven and the background to key symbolism Beethoven and the meaning of keys Songs and the affective implications of primary tonality Songs containing significant affective modulations Songs containing affective modulations to more distant keys Vocal and choral music with orchestra : five case studies The tempest sonata : an instrumental case study Conlusion : a key to Beethoven. Building on the remarkable correlation between key and tonal affect found in his vocal music, this book establishes an understanding of the way in which Beethoven uses tonality affectively.

Following an Introduction that outlines a justification for revisiting the concept of meaning in BeethovenAEs music, Chapter One assembles the historical case for BeethovenAEs knowledge of key characteristics, examining materials with which he was familiar, his own views, and various items of anecdotal evidence. The second chapter presents a survey of the keys employed by Beethoven, using evidence from contemporary writers, theorists, composers, and BeethovenAEs own works to establish congruency of affective meaning.

Chapters Three to Five identify the significant body of empirical evidence that connects tonality and meaning in an examination of the solo songs, revealing the strong nexus between textual meaning and choice of key in almost all cases.

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Concepts such as the oaffective spectrum, o oaffective modulation and tonicization, o and oaffective harmonyo are introduced and applied to the music. The sixth chapter examines five case studies from vocal and choral music with orchestral accompaniment, in order to illustrate how tonal symbolism can function in a wider variety of contexts in BeethovenAEs oeuvre. This is the first volume to demonstrate through a combination of historical and empirical evidence that, in most instances, Beethoven does employ tonality in an affective way in his vocal music, paving the way for a future examination of the nexus between tonality and meaning his instrumental music.

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