Do You Believe In Praying? (Do You Belileve In)

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God has magnificent plans for you. He has set aside an inheritance of abundance for you to enjoy. You have a part to play. The key to seeing the kind of results God wants you to achieve through prayer is not just shooting random arrows in the air, hoping something might happen. If you want to hit the bulls-eye every time you pray, your prayers must be based on the Word of God. So, the first step to praying prayers that bring results is to locate the promise or promises that fit your situation in the Word of God. Then, like an arrow to a bulls-eye, shoot that prayer with boldness and confidence.

This principle works in any area of prayer. Do you need healing in your body? Help me to receive it now. I thank You and praise You for it! Do you have a financial need? For more on effective prayer, try these 3 Prayer Secrets from Gloria Copeland. This might seem difficult at first, but as you practice applying your faith, it will become a way of life for you. Here are some quick-start tips for adding faith to your prayers. So, as you pray, begin to move yourself from believing He can to knowing He will. Start your confession of faith before you see the manifestation of answers to your prayers.

Then, hold fast to your confession without wavering. When the 10 lepers came to Jesus for healing, He told them to show themselves to the priests, and when they went, they were cleansed.

To believe in God means living according to His Word

They did exactly what He said do. They acted on His word.

That is how you apply faith. The same was true of the woman with the issue of blood. She acted on her faith when she reached out to touch His robe to take her healing. When faith was applied acted on , results came. Kenneth Copeland put these steps into practice when he lost his voice while preaching a long series of meetings in Jamaica. Instead of shutting down the meetings, he took these steps to submerge his prayers in faith. First, he found the scriptures that promised him healing. Then, he applied his faith. He walked right back out to the pulpit and whispered into the microphone, praising God.

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His voice came back, and he kept right on preaching! Every single time you act in faith with that kind of dogged determination on the Word of God, you will always wind up the winner. Looking to strengthen your prayer life further? Find 7 Steps to a Deeper Prayer Life here. Satan is a master trickster. Fear is debilitating. But Satan is wrong percent of the time.

Praying and Believing

Praise the Lord. He always is. If you want to see results in your prayer life, fear and doubt can no longer be part of your vocabulary.

Anything outside of that stems from evil. Clean up your vocabulary and begin to talk the Word of God. Refuse to allow doubt and fear to enter into your consciousness. The Bible says you have the ability to do so 2 Corinthians I am standing on the truth, and the truth makes me free! I once gave a massage to a woman who had one half of a leg left because of that flesh-eating bacteria!

One guy who was stuck in a red-rock mountain in Utah and had fallen. He had to cut a body part off; he was alone, and he is alive today because of his action. He is instructed by God to show no mercy. You have already agree that only if the wife is in mortal danger would the man be justified in cutting off the arm. Where does this quality come from? Where did it originate? Please name one other animal on earth that ponders the existence of God. Why are humans the only animals that do consider the existence of God?

Equipping people to pursue God's glory

It is possible other animals have some capacity to think critically but we are so far unable to understand it as such. In fact, some species may. Other primates and other higher mammals are capable of deductive reasoning which is similar. Because we can talk. We have no idea whether other animals can discuss this question of gods.

We could not have survived all these millennia without it. It comes from evolution. And this drive is extremely strong. The drive to find a parent is a vague but very intense feeling which should lessen as we age. It is why many people grow out of religion in their later years. It is a pure drive, like the sex drive and the drive for food and water.

We cannot live without it in our early years.

If you're praying for something and believe you have received it, what if it's not what God wants?

It is extremely unfortunate that more people are not educated in biology. The feelings about gods are completely illusory and explainable. Hey Christians!! Why are you wasting your time responding to Atheists who troll around looking to pick a fight. Remember 1Cor. I am not intellectually superior. I did not get smarter just because I discovered the most obvious thing in the world; God claims appear to be just pretend. We atheists have a voice. We have rights which are being denied us by our fellow Americans simply because we do not believe in God Hobby Lobby, Greece N.

Power Of Prayer

The Separation of Church and State is being attacked. Atheists like myself are fed up with it. We are here to read, comment and challenge the claims presented by Theists. Some of us are not only unbelievers, we see the real harm that all religion does to education, civil society, proper conduct and simple good manners! I am not here to take away your rights. I am here to challenge your claims. And to study why religious people insist on spreading empty claims as if they are all true when clearly the vast majority of these claims cannot be remotely true. The wager is, if there is a God, and you believe in Him, then your soul will be saved; you will have an extremely desirable afterlife upon the death of your physical body.

If, on the other hand, there is no God, then nothing much is lost by believing in Him, save perhaps some iniquitous or licentious pleasures and the many hours of worshiping Him. Thus, in balance, the safer course of action is to believe in [a] God. This argumentum ab assecuratio argument by insurance is wanting in several aspects. If full acceptance of the belief is hard to swallow, several problems can arise:. A person could experience self-induced shame and guilt and possibly suffer psychological trauma as a result of recognizing that he or she is being irrationally silly and vacuous, akin to having to force-feed oneself with scriptural gavage —and internalize it, like a stuffed foie gras goose— with the bizarre notions of unknown people long dead, as for example that the moon is made of green cheese in order to be awarded an all-expenses paid trip to Disneyland, or otherwise you would be punished with a heart attack.