Ernst III. (German Edition)

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In he volunteered for the German Army at the outbreak of World War I and served as an officer on the Western Front throughout the conflict. After the war he published In Stahlgewittern ; The Storm of Steel , a novel in the form of a diary; it contains vivid recollections of his life in the trenches and his experiences in combat as a company commander.

When Stalin Was Caught Napping

The Storm of Steel was a success with critics and public alike in Germany and other countries. A few months later, his son died in combat in Italy after having been sentenced to a penal battalion for political reasons. You are using an outdated browser.

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Ernst Jünger — reluctant captain of the Wehrmacht

Two extensive biographies were widely reviewed by the German press in and have also been commercially successful. Expert and popular audiences across Europe have become part of this development. Numerous book prizes, courtesy of Klett-Cotta.

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An Exchange on Ernst Jünger | by Hilary Barr | The New York Review of Books

Read FREE! Excerpt It gives me pleasure to have an opportunity here to express my appreciation of the kindness with which the first edition of this book, published only a year ago, has been received by the press here as well as in Great Britain and Germany.

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