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You are such a Shining Light! Feeling good…mmm! Writing makes me feel good — free, really — so I try to dedicate time every morning to write after my daily meditation and morning coffee. Telling the people I love that I love and appreciate them brings me joy, so I do that as well! Going up the scale bit by bit has helped me out of quite a few jams, so thank you. Why not just have fun and let it roll?!

You rock!! At the end of each 40 day cycle, I am assessing, switching things up and going for another round. Moving my body everyday yoga, soccer, running, walking, dancing, HIIT workouts 2.

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Getting enough sleep! Spending time with friends connecting 5. I also pretend the train is a giant rocking cradle and if I feel like snoozing, I snooze. Most of the time I flow in and out of meditation and dozing and it feels wonderful :o.

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My joyful activities that keeps my vibration high is long distance swimming in the ocean, sunset beach power walks, Salsa dancing, and Yoga. So grateful to have all these that I can rotate with. Morning ritual drinking my tea and reading my Daily Word.

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So Blessed!! My daily walks in nature and by the lake have raised my vibration to the point where magic happens. I can call butterflies from atop trees to come down to the ground and spread their wings out before me so I can take pictures of their outstanding colours. Recently a beautiful dragonfly allowed me to spend time communicating with it for over 15 minutes.

It sat on my finger, faced me and nodded its head when I asked questions. I was so overwhelmed I began to cry. The dragonfly too began to cry and wiped the tears from its eyes with its front legs. I recorded the entire interaction on my phone and have a hard time believing it myself. The dragonfly was quite large, turquoise and black in color. Now when I look at the video, I am amazed and feel blessed. Experiences like this make me feel happy and alive, and I know for sure there are powerful forces at work in the Universe.

We just need to be open to the energy, believe in Magic and know we are all One. I used to take really good Care of myself when I only had one child and then I had twins… Phew I have been busy taking Care of all of them. Especially since they were solely breastfeed for 6 months. But What I have been doing is eating well and getting enough water. It has made a HUGE difference when being sleep deprived, nursing etc. But most importantly I Think kind thoughts about myself as a mother of three small children.

Thank you for Sharing What you do.

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What makes me feel good is light a scented candle, take a shower with my favorite body oil, practice mindfulness meditation, have roses at home, eat dark chocolate, be around positive people, have a massage, go to see my therapist, go to Church, go to have my hair done at the salon, plus a pedicure…Sometimes write everything I am feeling…. I just found you a few weeks ago by Devine intervention! I am being the student and letting you lead and guide me. I am so thankful for you and your words and wisdom. I am surrendering everyday and I am so pumped to walk in the light and be free of the chains that have held me down for 50 years.

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Wow Gabby! Once again you channeled through me. I literally just came from the book store where I was reading Dr. Sarnos book about healing your back.

We are on some cosmic level together! Thanks for your tips. I love EFT and I owe that to you. Coincidence I think not!

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So of course I got attention. He brought me medication and water. Her back healed just as mine started! After reading I am feeling a bit better. Hugs to you and thank you for reading this. Traci xo. This is another great post from you. I enjoy gardening and sitting in my garden enjoying the plants and flowers, go for a run or a hike, a little bit of painting and of course meditation.

All these speak to my soul. Looking forward to more wonderful posts! Thank you for sharing your success. Eft when i need quick relief.

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  4. Wstching funny stuff and afternoon walks which i call Wellness walks. I also bought your book your book. Im on chapter 8.

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    Im sure it will be a Game Changer for me. When will your new book be out in german? Love Sabine from Austria. Thank you so much for this beautiful post Gabby! I have been drinking in your wisdom for many years and I am inspired by your clarity, passion and generosity. Each post has so many helpful tips for the spiritual journey.