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In , his sculpture began to exhibit the colorful, frequently triangular geometric patterns for which he became known. Many of Okuda's human characters are painted in grayscale. Okuda received international renown after painting the interior of the church of Santa Barbara in Llanera, Asturias, Spain, in In , he also began producing 3D sculpture of animal heads in fiberglass bearing his signature colorful geometric patterns.

Swindled, evicted and denounced as ‘The New Nazi of Spain’

In , Okuda was named among the most recognized contemporary urban artists by Graffiti Art Magazine. The work of Okuda San Miguel is predominantly characterized by geometric structures and multicolored prints. These are sometimes associated with gray bodies, and often include headless figures, religious references, symbols, animals and giant heads.

Art critics catalog his style as pop surrealism with a clear street influence of urban art, though his style has not been exempt from controversy.

His works focus on contradictions in existentialism, the meaning of life and the false freedom of capitalism, particularly on the conflict between modernity and our human roots. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Okuda San Miguel.

Gran Wyoming - Antisistema - Spanish Revolution

Santander , Spain. Keywords Cambodia Southeast Asian studies anarchist studies critical animal studies critical development studies critical discourse studies critical geographies critical pedagogy critical theory homelessness human geography neoliberalism peace and conflict studies political ecology political geography social justice social movements social theory urban studies veganism violence.

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Languages English Mother Khmer Working. Research Supervision Number of supervisions Completed Research Collaborations. Contact Details Email simon.

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