Homosexianity: Letting Truth Win The Devastating War Between Scripture, Faith, and Sexual Orientation

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This bold and inventive novel is the work of a tremendously talented writer and both an intoxicating and exhilarating read. Would you like to visit Booko Germany? You can change region by clicking the flag in the toolbar. Sign in. My lists My alerts. Please select your preferred region. The Giants J.

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Twitter icon Facebook icon Pinterest icon. Add a alert Enter prices below and click 'Add'. Alert if:. New Price below. Used Price below. Add Close. Add this book to a list You can add this book to any one of your lists. If you have a book you would like me to read and review, send it to: P. Arguments for inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender LGBT people in faith communities have evolved over the past 45 years.

The information in his book reveals insights that may be new information for many readers. When his 19 year old son came out as gay, Brownson challenged himself to revisit the Scriptures believing that his own child was both gay and a Christian. Brownson does an excellent job of examining these difficult verses that have been so carelessly exercised to condemn same-sex relationships, and gay and lesbian people.

One of the primary objections held by the conservative church and political communities is the belief that marriage can only exist between one man and one woman. This has created a strong wall against marriage equality. Oh, and drop one off to the leader of the campus Christian ministry you attended while in college, too. Now, to the review. Justin tells us about his own journey as he considers that he might indeed be gay.

His lack of academic integrity and immature reasoning skills alone should render him inconsequential in the conversation about faith as it intersects sexual orientation. This book is for the Christ-follower who desire to know what the Bible truly says about homosexuality. Chambers has played a significant role in the faith and sexual orientation landscape.

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From until , he was the president of Exodus International, a Christian umbrella ministry overseeing religious-based gay conversion to heterosexuality. Beginning in the early s, Exodus member ministries adhered to an ideology which combined long discarded psychological theories about reparative therapy with a spiritual component. I expect this book review will receive a similar response. Once the new genre started, it triggered an onslaught. In the 90s, came a deluge of we-are-no-longer-gay books by Chambers, Dallas, Jernigan, et al. To my great disappointment, they too failed.

It was important enough and well done and WORTH recording the notes in my notebook for future references. You will gain a far greater understanding of your specialness to the Father. If you are straight, which I am, you will feel empathy as you read the purer explanation of the verses and context and you will be in awe that your GLBT Christian friends have stayed the course under so much oppression that is NOT the heart of God.

Romell is a man who cares deeply about Scripture and was willing to obey God and His Word in the living of his own life as a gay Christian. In trying to counter the misinterpretations of the Bible so commonly used to tell gay people they have two choices: stop being gay or be celibate, Romell takes those popular misinterpretations and dismantles them. These arguments are those used by several anti-gay theologians that are well known and well respected by the reparative therapy groups. In churches, it is these very arguments pastors and leaders will often use to keep their LGB congregants in bondage and submission.

Point by point, Romell counters the dogma. My copies of the books are highlighted and written in and even falling apart from lots of usage. Either book is great, but in tandem, the reader will gain great understanding of the verses IN CONTEXT and have tools to engage in respectful, intelligent conversation about same-sex attracted Christians and the Bible. We follow his own journey of searching for the truth and the results of those studies. He does a particular excellent job of dealing with Dr.

Just as a side note, Romell is a black man. There is little written affirming the black Christian gay community. Get the books, get free of a bondage not from God.

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It takes courage to be willing to be wrong, especially about theological or social issues; I know this from my own advocacy work. She has a tragic story. Lacking understanding, the chapter should have been omitted entirely. The brain says the person is one gender and the body presents as the other sex. There will be an internal struggle to align the two to achieve emotional health. I listened and learned. I have used this same wisdom while coming to know and advocate for transgender people. Understanding and empathizing with the transgender community can be a long journey.

In that lack of relationship, we unfortunately default to stereotypes; and in his book, Kurek was no exception.

Over and over, the transgender community is shut out and misunderstood. In shining a more positive light on some lesbian, gay and bisexual people, the book reinforces the wrong, destructive and hurtful myths held so strongly about the transgender community.

Even after hanging out with gay and lesbian friends, it was almost five years until I met a gay or lesbian Christian. If you are non-affirming, you will get all those nagging questions answered — when did they know? Reading these many varied stories from both men and women in various age groups and from differing denominational background, you will at least come away convinced that you are indeed reading stories filled with the love of Jesus and struggle to battle the messages the church so clearly gives—you cannot be both gay and Christian. The myth of that will be broken by the time you invest in lives of strangers opening their hearts for your consideration.

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Interspersed are blog posts by John Shore. There is surely insight here, but the overwhelming value is the personal stories. Go meet these people and then start your own real-life journey of listening to the LGBT Christians around you with a compassion that will grow.

Growing up and into their sexual orientation when people often avoided the subject completely, each woman shares some insights that endear every storyteller to the reader. Some women have experienced events of note adding to the depth of the story. This would be a good read for older women who lived through these times or even for a younger lesbian woman to connect to those whose lives were so different from today. The only drawback is that you will want MORE. More of their past, more of their story! I would very much want to share a long weekend with these women to hear more and learn more.

At the end of this easy and sweet read, you will come away knowing that some fine women struggled to make her-story for the freedoms women are beginning to live today. Nussbaum Martha Nussbaum is a professor of law, philosophy and divinity at the University of Chicago. This book has strongly solidified my own understanding of how the Constitution, civil rights and emotionally charged human disgust intertwine. Nussbaum carefully, elegantly and compellingly builds the case for same-sex marriage by relying on Supreme Court and lower court decisions. Since reading this book, I have found that my own arguments in conversation and writing for same-sex marriage are greatly strengthened.

Each chapter is carefully constructed to form logical arguments. Nussbaum then deals with Supreme Court decisions having roots in: religion, race, gender and disabilities. The touchstone cases for LGBT equality are dissected in a completely understandable manner and you will comprehend why each of these cases is important and pivotal. My copy of the book is marked up, highlighted and written it.

I am an advocate for LGBT equality in the church and this book may have been the most significant book I have read in years. It really does not matter in a legal sense what I believe should or should not be legal in the US, those decisions are made within the context of the Constitution and not the Bible. Christians may often think they can influence civil rights through their moral beliefs.

In order to be both a good citizen and a Christian who is devoted to equality and justice for all citizens, it is important to follow the trend of what the Constitution offers in terms of civil rights. Opposing the rights of others is neither Christian nor American. For those who are not clear on the progression of marriage as a civil right for LGBT people, this book might be a great primer to read so that you stop saying, frankly, absolutely stupid things in conversation.

Moral assessment of people is not a tool by which you may withhold civil rights. Imagine that happening while reading Constitutional Law? Nussbaum makes it understanding without dumbing it down and the logical progression is masterful. We were both amazed at her ability to build intelligent arguments from her background of law, ethics and divinity.