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My question to you is Early in my full-time teaching career I had a fortunate experience that taught me to have a quick, accurate eye. I did a number of large corporate golf clinics where I only had a few minutes with each guest expecting improvement.

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Here's a funny story about one of those clinics. You had to wait to see me…. It was the first single taken from their fifth Japanese studio album, Tone The full Korean single was released on January 3, , which was accompanied by the premiere of its music video on TVXQ's official video-sharing websites.

The song was met with mixed reviews upon its debut. With lyrics talking about overcoming a relationship breakup, it was claimed that the song was a diss to JYJ , the three former members of TVXQ. Yunho and Changmin had denied the claims.

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It topped real-time music charts upon its release and peaked at number five on Korea's Gaon Singles Chart. The song won seven music show trophies for three consecutive weeks and sold over 1. The positive responses in their two-piece performances prompted Yunho and Changmin to return to the studios to finish the recording of TVXQ's fifth Korean studio album.

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The song debuted on South Korea's digital charts on January 3, , the same day as the premiere of the song's music video. Starting off with the self-empowering English opening lines "Do you know what time it is?

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This is return of the King", TVXQ sing about their determination to return stronger after breaking up with a former lover. The song ends with the protagonist claiming that his former lover has "[been] erased, disappeared, died" in his heart, and that she no longer ceases to exist. Korean netizens claimed that the song was a diss to former members Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu, who were still in legal disputes with TVXQ's agency S.

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Entertainment at the time of the song's release. Yunho and Changmin clarified that the lyrics of "Keep Your Head Down" were not directed at the trio, and that the lyrics were written in a style that could be interpreted in different ways. Fault - A bad shot is played, normally a topped shot, and your playing partners or friends state that you must have lifted your head, that is why you have topped the golf ball. This leads the golfer to force their head down when they next hit the golf ball and they do not continue to follow through, resulting in a poor shot.

Fix - Holding your posture, keeping your leading arm straight at impact , and making sure the weight distribution in your feet stays in the same place at impact is what needs to be worked on if you are topping the ball or missing the golf ball. Work on hitting golf shots whilst attempting to hold your posture at impact and work on maintaining your height at impact. Position yourself so that you can see your side profile in a mirror or reflection of glass and continue to set up to an empty tee peg. Whilst looking in the reflection, start to swing to the top of the golf swing and gently back down towards impact focusing on maintaining the posture and height originally found at set up.

The next thing to work on and practice is keeping the weight distribution in the feet towards the middle of your feet.

This way when you come into impact , the body weight will not be tempted to move away from the golf ball towards the heels. Key tip - Work on keeping the leading arm left arm for right handed golfers as straight at impact as it was at set up. Work on maintaining the length of the left arm throughout the golf swing and work on striking down and beyond the golf ball, and you will increase the chance of reaching the bottom of the golf ball at impact.

Practice this exercise and drill without the golf ball first to create the feeling of stretching the arm and strike beyond the impact area. One of the first pieces of golf advice you will inevitably receive when getting started in the game is this — you need to keep your head down. There is likely not a golfer in the entire world who has not heard this piece of advice at one time or another.


Usually, it is passed along by a well-meaning friend or playing partner. Or, you may have heard it during your first golf lesson, if you have taken one from a local pro at some point along the way. As you might suspect, this piece of advice has become popular because it is important. If you hope to play good golf, you do need to keep your head down. With that said, it is possible to go too far with this tip, and we will get into that issue later in the article. Setting the details aside for you, you should know that keeping your head down is going to allow you to strike better shots, and do so more frequently.

TVXQ! 동방신기 '왜 (Keep Your Head Down)' MV Dance Ver. A

Golf is all about hitting the ball cleanly as often as you can — keeping your head down is going to serve both of those goals. Knowing that it is important to keep your head down, you may wonder out to the driving range with the intention of working on this point.