Plunger-Man and the Super Plumbers #1

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Rental property 3 took still had a great month despite the plumbing problems.

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Rent collection required me walking downstairs to get my morning cup of coffee. And something that happens more frequently than you might think. Does this income beat your day job? Pretty sweet right? This was the first full month for rental property 3. As I previously mentioned, we had a small plumbing problem at rental property 3 this month. The repair took an hour of my time and also a phone call to my handyman. He was kind enough to snake the drain for free since I recently referred him a lot of work.

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And guess what? There is nothing like mostly passive income. What else can you spend an hour and a half on and make this kind of income? Being a landlord sounds pretty good, right? Another very impressive month! We should talk about where you are finding properties.

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My neighborhood would never support cap rates like what you are getting. Happy to share. Being a landlord is awesome and I want show readers how they can make an additional income through real estate investing. Like this: Like Loading Comments Another very impressive month! Great update.

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Glad the third rental is up and running. Thanks Lance. While in the dungeon the three converse over how to get Mario's Golden Plunger back. Princess Toadstool tries to console Mario by promising to replace the plunger but Mario replies "It's a one of a kind" because the President of the United States gave it to him. Curious, Toad asks why he gave it to him.

The show then flashes back to the day when Mario and Luigi enter the Academy with Mario commenting they had the meanest teacher.

Two Plumbers and a Baby

Mario and Luigi enter and find four other students one slightly resembling Wario. Their drain sergeant, Sergeant Kooperman then put Mario and Luigi through various drills such as carrying bathtubs up a fire escape fast and unclogging a sink in ten seconds. After squirting the clog from the sink into the Sergeant's face he sends the two to KP, which stands for Killer Plumbing. Once in Killer Plumbing the two have to dig a hole which presumably ends up more than twenty feet deep.

Rental Property #1

Mario asks Sergeant Kooperman for water, and ignoring Mario's plea, Kooperman orders them to get out of the hole and put a bunch of pipes together without wrenches in twenty minutes. After the twenty minutes expire, Kooperman comments that it's time for the final test.

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He then turns on a hose that is connected to Mario and Luigi's pipes. The contraption of pipes fall over surrounding the brothers while the water pours in. Luigi comments that he is drowning, but Kooperman does not care and comments "I don't help guys with the wrong stuff". He then throws a pile of pipes on the brothers, enclosing them in a box made of pipes. The two push on the pipe-walls until they give way. Upon the collapse of the pipe-box, they are carried by rushing water to the front of the academy.

Once in the front of the academy, Mario points out a statue of Salvador Drainado , the greatest plumber in the world and the founder of the academy.

watch Mario reads a plaque on the statue that states " When the plumbing gets tough, the tough get plumbing ". However, Luigi only says that they have the wrong stuff and they should try a new job such as being librarians.

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As the two proceed down the street they find a policeman guarding an area. They ask about what's going on and the policeman replies that the president of the U. Meanwhile Sergeant Kooperman is fixing a lady's sink, he is trying to unclog her sink with a plunger, but is having trouble. When he notices an order of bags of "Norten's Drain-Buster" being dropped off outside, he goes to grab a sack of it, but he accidentally grabs a bag of cement from an adjacent construction area.

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Two construction workers, who ordered the bags of cement, ask themselves what Sergeant Kooperman wanted with their concrete. Kooperman starts to pour it down the drain, but when he notices that it isn't working, he comments that the problem must be in the sewers, and starts to pour the concrete still thinking it's "Drain-Buster" down a manhole. The construction-men confront Sergeant Kooperman as to why he took their concrete. Flustered, he realizes his mistake, then gasps when one of them remarks "fast drying concrete".

Back with Mario and Luigi, they see the presidents coming down the street in a limousine.

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