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Here are four tips that can help poets not only with their quest for inspiration, but with their poetic fundamentals, too. Simply sitting down and taking notes on your surroundings can be a fecund experience. On the other hand, it allows you to become more meditative and thoughtful. You may end up looking at something that you've seen a thousand times with a fresh perspective, and this may give you insight into a new idea for a poem. Isaac Newton said that he was only capable of seeing great distances because he stood on the shoulders of giants. A similar thing could be said of poets.

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Having a solid base of knowledge in a variety of fields of study will help you as you write. For one, it will allow you to make allusions, which will give your language extra weight without a lot of words. Furthermore, studying older poets can also serve as a rich source of inspiration, as well as a guide to see how to better structure your poems. Even seasoned poets and novelists can benefit from writing out lists. Something as simple as listing adjectives that relate to the concept of 'yellow', for example, can lead to a bizarre word combination that makes you howl with laughter or pause to ponder more.

Listing phrases or clauses can birth surprising results, as they reveal richer thematic bonds. They may even become the basis of a poem. However, a cogent metaphor can express a point that, when written in plain English, sounds rather dull or hackneyed. An interesting simile, meanwhile, can serve as a bridge between two seemingly different phenomena. Finally, assonance and alliteration insert a sense of lyricism into your poetry that will make it an absolute pleasure to read. Unfortunately, these devices do not always come that easily.

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It could be because you're feeling lazy or tired. It could be the far more serious condition known as writer's block. By using exercises such as these, however, you can warm up your brain like a runner stretching before a sprint or, if you're into epic poetry, a marathon. Karen Star. Courtney Peppernell. Joni Mitchell.

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    Poetic Inspirations

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