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Minister for local government in the revolutionary cabinet, Cosgrave supported the treaty with Great Britain that set up the Irish Free State.

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After the deaths of Arthur Griffith and Michael Collins, he was elected president and served from to Antrim - Following a major victory in the California presidential primary Senator Robert Kennedy addresses his supporters in a ballroom at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. He leaves the ballroom through a service area to greet supporters working in the hotel's kitchen.

In a crowded kitchen passageway, Sirhan Sirhan, a year-old Palestinian, opens fire with a. He is rushed to The Good Samaritan Hospital where he dies the next day.

A member of the United Irishmen, he had been arrested in Margate, England as he was about to embark for France. Papers found on his person indicate that his intention is to invite the French Directory to land an army in England. He is found guilty of high treason - In Wicklow, the Rebels burn Carnew; in Ulster, they take Larne and the Larne garrison retreats to Carrickfergus.

Full text of "Parliamentary Memoirs of Fermanagh and Tyrone, from to "

The Rebels take Ballymena and Randalstown and then attack Antrim. With the help of a priest friend, Matt overcomes chronic alcoholism and models his life on that of the monks, who lived in Ireland in the 6th and 7th centuries. It is a tough programme of prayer, fasting and almsgiving. He gives away most of his wages every week to the poor at home and abroad. He is also keenly aware of his fellow workers struggle for social justice. After a life of heroic perseverance, he dies suddenly on the way to Mass.

A candidate for canonization, his statue stands at the south end of the Liffey, by the bridge named after him - Birth of Liam Neeson William John Neeson in Ballymena, Co. Tipperary - In Co. Wicklow, the Arklow garrison is reinforced. In Co.

Wexford, The rebel southern division moves camp from Carrickbyrne to Slievecoilte. In Ulster, General Nugent offers amnesty to rank and file rebels. Director Garry Hynes wins best director, the first woman in the history of the Tonys to receive this honour; Marie Mullen wins best actress, Anna Manahan best supporting actress, and Tom Murphy best supporting actor - The Good Friday Agreement in Northern Ireland comes under fierce new pressure after big General Election victories by the Rev.

June 9 - Death of St.

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Colomcille - Patrick Darcy, a prominent constitutional lawyer, argues that the Irish parliament possesses independent authority - The Settlement Act "for the Assuming, Confirming and Settling of Lands and Estates in Ireland" is passed - Rebels attack Arklow. They are defeated with heavy losses; in Co. Down, Rebels take Saintfield and repulse a Government attack. Garrison abandons Newtownards, which is occupied by the rebels; unsuccessful attack on Portaferry - Basil Stanley Brooke, 1st Viscount Brookeborough; unionist politician and Northern Ireland prime minister from , is born in Colebrook, Co.

Fermanagh - Cinema owners in Dublin unanimously decide not to show the film of Queen Elizabeth's coronation in London. There are real fears that any such screening would lead to widespread damage to the cinemas - Plans by supermarket chains to build shopping centres on the outskirts of towns are thrown into doubt, following the decision of Environment Minister Noel Dempsey to impose strict size restrictions - Cetacean experts head for Cork harbour after the arrival of three stocky killer whales in the estuary.

Inmates and officers in four prisons have been working for nearly two years to produce a range of equipment, from 75, opening ceremony flags to power-lifting platforms - The replica famine ship Jeanie Johnston begins a four-month voyage around Ireland. Milberg '53 Collection of Irish Poetry, which comprises more than 1, printed works by 50 poets from the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland, an exhibit of materials from the collection goes on display in the Firestone Library at Princeton University - Shannon Regional Fisheries Board investigate the mystery cause of a major fish kill on Loch Gara, one of the best-known coarse angling lakes on the Sligo and Roscommon border.

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Mr Patterson makes his first public appearance as a boy soprano in his hometown of Clonmel and attracts the attention of critics when he wins all the major Feis Ceoil vocal awards. In his lifetime, Mr.

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Patterson records more than 35 albums which feature a broad range of songs - More than 1, taxi drivers protest in Dublin City Centre over the Government's failure to appoint a permanent regulator for the industry. He enters the Chapter House of St. This is a dramatic act of defiance, by which he hopes to force his claim to power. Wexford, the Rebel southern division moves camp from Slievecoilte to Lacken Hill. Galway - Thomas Sloan and others found the Independent Orange Order in Belfast - Mary Lavin, generally acknowledged as one of Ireland's greatest short story writers, is born in Massachusetts, the only child of Irish parents - Birth of actor Richard Todd in Dublin.

The only requirement is for the writer to be Irish, under 40 and published. In the course of the election there has been a duel between William Paul Warren and Jack Hardy, which leads to Hardy's right hand and arm being shattered; it is thought that it would have to be amputated - In Wexford, Rebel northern division moves camp to Limerick Hill; Rebels launch attack on Borris, Co Carlow. He moves close to main rebel camp at Ballynahinch - The Ulster Unionist Council agrees to the immediate implementation of Home Rule if six Ulster counties are temporarily excluded - Kevin O'Kelly, journalist and broadcaster, is born - Birth in Newry, Co.

Galway for one of the country's premier rural events, Tomorrow's Farm and Rural Enterprise, organised by Teagasc and sponsored by FBD; it is the biggest event ever held in the west and is geared to help farmers and rural dwellers confront the challenges of the next decade - Tuam, Co. Roscommon, is created Baron Kingsborough - In Wexford, both sides of the conflict are inactive. The famous song, "Sweet Molly Malone" is a tribute to the memory of a real person who was a fishwife selling cockles and mussels in the streets of Dublin.

A statue of her can be seen at the foot of Grafton Street in Dublin. She was also a radio broadcaster, and the author of school textbooks and children's books in Irish - Tuam, Co. The former Fianna Fail leader was a highly controversial figure who was rarely out of the headlines.

He was first elected to the Dail in , but was sacked from his ministerial position in June 14 - The royalists, loyal to Charles I, suffer a key defeat by the English Parliamentarians at Naseby - William of Orange lands at Carrickfergus - The second session of the second Irish parliament of William III is dissolved on this date - Government reinforcements begin to march from Cork and the midlands; Rebels send small detachment to Mountpleasant, in Co Wicklow. For most of his adult life, he lives in England, but preserves a lively interest in Ireland; in he co-founds the Irish Folk Song Society in London.

Several of his chamber works and songs use Irish material. However, he is mainly remembered as a fine composer for the church and together with Charles V. Stanford is the most often played composer in the Church of England. Although the trawler is equipped to carry out abortions, the purpose of its visit to Ireland is to fuel debate on the need for Irish legislation to provide women with choice - The midland village of Castletown, Co Laois, is named as Ireland's Best Kept Town in a select cross-Border competition.

The Freeman's Journal from Dublin, Dublin, Ireland · 1

The village eclipses last year's national tidy towns winner Kenmare, Co Kerry, and the north's top tidiest large town, Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh to take the title - Living up to its costly reputation, Dublin is named in the worldwide cost of living survey for as the third most expensive capital city in the EU. Only London and Copenhagen are more expensive. Galway and complete the first non-stop trans-Atlantic flight - Black Velvet Band by Johnny Kelly and the Capitol showband reaches no.

Larkin, a revolutionary socialist, dominated the Irish Trade Union movement. June 16 - The following incident is reported in the state papers: during a trial in the court of King's Bench, Dublin, on this date, 'a neighbouring chimney took fire, blew the smoke into the court and gave a panick to all the people who crowded to get out. Many were actually killed on the spot, and many desperately wounded. Judge Caulfeild got half in and half out of a window, but could not pass through, lost his wig and at last was forced back.

Lord Chief Justice Whitshed kept his place and temper till at last the truth was known' - British regulars arrive in Dublin; Rebels march to Tinahely. Wicklow - The 'Westmeath Act' allows detention without trial for agrarian offences - Today was when James Joyce had his first date with Nora Barnacle; ultimately, it became the date on which everything takes place in his masterpiece, Ulysses - Friends send Joyce, who is in the hospital, a bouquet of white and blue hydrangeas.

He writes in his notebook: "Today 16 of June twenty years after.

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Will anybody remember this date? A team drawn from the newly formed Football Association of Ireland meets the United States in Dublin - According to David Norris, a Dublin senator and a leading Joyce scholar, the first official celebration of Bloomsday is held on its twenty-fifth anniversary. That night, Joyce is the guest of honor at a dinner party held at Les Vaux de Cernay, a village near Versailles.

On the way home, frustrated by the frequency of requests, Joyce and Beckett are making for pit stops, the carriage driver decides not to wait for Joyce's drinking buddy to return from the pissoir, and leaves Beckett "ingloriously abandoned on the outskirts of Paris" - On the 50th anniversary of the first Bloomsday, Flann O'Brien has a hand in producing a major celebration in Dublin - Birth of Dr.

Colman McRoi, a sixth century abbot in Dublin. June 17 - Rebels capture Tinahely, Co. Monaghan - An elephant named Sita kills her keeper tending her sore foot in Dublin Zoo. June 18 - The Bishop of Ossory is charged with fomenting feuds among the magnates; he flees to England and then, when summoned before the king, he flees to Rome. The king Edward III, aged seventeen warns the pope against him.

Government offensive begins; Rebels at Kilcavan are in a strong position. Government advance is stalled; Rebels withdraw from Kilcavan. Moore and Johnston move out of New Ross. General Needham moves out of Arklow; Loftus moves out of Carnew.

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Rebels southern division retreats to Wexford. Cork - In the 'tithe war', yeomen kill up to 14 people at Newtownbarry, Co. Wexford - Birth of artist, Walter Osborne in Dublin. His superb images of young girls at play are still cherished by the National Gallery of Ireland: The Dolls School, The House Builders, and other examples of his work are also housed there.

The building of L. June 20 - King John lands at Waterford.