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Six Seismic Shifts in Global Teen Culture

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Compliance training is one of the most powerful tools a compliance team can use to empower employees to be their most ethical selves. As part of its new companywide ethics and compliance function stemming from a history of environmental violations, Carnival has announced seven new hires and internal promotions. Deutsche Bank is just the latest scandal-plagued bank to make headlines, once again, for ignoring sound compliance advice. Provided by FICO. It started with call centers, human resource management, such as payroll and training, followed by IT and the cloud and now…compliance?

Is the compliance department the next function that starts outsourcing its time and labor-intensive processes to a third-party vendor? Provided by ProcessUnity.

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More Global Than Ever: A Seismic Shift

Our team has corrected the post to reflect all six seismic shifts. I like the highlights on the page, but would prefer just a little more detail so I can make a better decision about using my time. What you are describing is a blog instead of a podcast. We offer both each week so the audience can choose. Bless you all for what you do.

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As if all of this activity was not enough to keep tongues wagging, Iconix Brands announced the unexpected departure of John Hough, chief executive officer. Iconix was one of the pioneers of the brand licensing management firms, with mostly direct-to-retail deals. Coincidently, the chairman of the board of both Differential Brands and Sequential is William Sweedler. It's clear that Sweedler and his financial backers see the value in buying up financially distressed fashion businesses.

There is one thing that all of these companies going through changes and acquisitions have in common: they each represent established brands that have performed well at retail for decades. But the question is: can these brand holding companies continue to keep these mature brands relevant for Millennials and Gen Z and can they make the successful transition to e-commerce? Seismic Shift in Fashion Brands There is a major shift happening in fashion. Steven Ekstract explains how licensing has a part in it.

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