Soft Landings in Poetry 2

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Soft Landings in Poetry 2

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Space-man, place-man, cruising through the skies to plant your flags on landscapes unknown to human eyes. Space-man - race, man, scorching back to earth - to home and friends and everything that gives your mission worth. I have no illusions about the quality of this poem, and I would hardly place it amongst the best I have written, yet it has proved to be my most popular poem and has been anthologised over and over again for children, largely because it seems to meet a need.

It will be observed that I have adopted a rhyming pattern for the poem. Although there is a tendency amongst contemporary poets to discard rhyme, it is my experience that younger children at least enjoy a definite rhythm and feel more at home with some kind of rhyme this is not to suggest that they should be taught to write in this way only.

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I feel very strongly that we have to avoid giving our children the impression that poetry has little bearing upon life as we know it. Nothing could be further from the truth. The best poets are always deeply concerned with human experience in all its astonishing variety. That is, with everything that affects our lives, the little things which take up so much of our attention every day, as well as the big issues which force themselves upon us sooner or later; the moments of lightheartedness and fun as well as the times of emotional stress.

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In fact, they write poems about everything which arouses their interest, from spiders to space-ships, from cats to catastrophes. We must always keep a place in our programmes for humour, light verse, mildly satirical verse, and even nonsense poems. Life, at any age, can be such a serious and often frustrating business, that we need humour as a sort of safety-valve to help us keep a sense of proportion.

If we can see the funny side of a situation when things go wrong, we can retain our balance and, in really desperate situations, our courage: and since humour is best when shared, it helps us to communicate with other people. The satirical verse of Thomas Hood such as 'Mary's Ghost'. Since many children have pets, a useful theme for discussion which involves poetry eminently suitable for younger children is that of animals, and here there is plenty of choice for most anthologies for children include some poems about animals, from Eleanor Farjeon's 'Cats Sleep Anywhere', Geoffrey Dearmer's 'The Giraffe', to Charles Causley's 'I Saw a Jolly Hunter' a special favourite.