The Accidental Assassin

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She is house-sitting for her best friend, who is off on her honeymoon for a month.

The Accidental Assassin

After about a week on her own, she gets a call about a job and jumps at the chance. She never should have left the apartment that morning, but then she would have never had the time of her life either. Or met the man of her dreams-even if he is an assassin. Owen is an assassin that only takes out the dregs of humanity-the pedophiles, the sex slave operators-that sort.

The Accidental Assassin

In the middle of his plan to take out a sex slave operator. Ava gets right into the middle of everything-complete with a shoot out and a dead body. But why?


They go on the run together to figure it all out. What follows is not only a story filled with life and death moments, but sweet moments of romance, as well. Ava has to deal with falling in love with an assassin, while Owen has to deal with thinking he is not good enough for her. The story jumps from London, to Oxford, and on to Scotland-then ends in Paris.

Along the way, a female assassin named Mavis, and her sixteen year old nephew, Kenny, a computer geek, end up coming along for the ride, and to help.

The Accidental Assassin An International Thriller By Fritz Galt

Ava is totally inept in the situation she is in, but really goes with it. Of course she is upset, but falling in love with the totally hot Owen, helps immensely.

And there he was standing against a wall in the basement garage, looking on as Jack Ruby lurched forward toward the suspect. And what a different world it was. Just walked in and poked around — nobody stopped him.

And at police headquarters, Carroll and other members of the press got to shout questions at Oswald as police walked him up and down a hallway in between interrogations. And from that moment on all of the good police work done in Dallas was forgotten as the majority of Americans chose to believe in one evil wide-ranging conspiracy or another.

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