The Secrets Of The Cave

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Secrets of McDougal's Cave

Quick Overview What reason had anyone in the village to connect the disappearance of the boat, the lost horse, the widow's herring, the cork life jacket, the windowpane, the lost peat moss, the rusty clock spring, or the strange prints in the earth with McCullem's Cave? Who milked the old lady's cow and left a note for her saying, "Don't worry about Nancy this morning!

It's all true. It’s all a lie.

Since there seemed to be a connection of some kind with the cave, he went exploring there. The cave was dark, and he had to crawl on his hands and knees. Trembling as he went farther in, he came upon--of all things--a door. He peered in through the crack, and there— But why don't you read for yourself and find out the secret of the cave.

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The cave is hidden away in the northeastern part of the map , in a small unassuming field. There are three separate entrances to the cave, at these three spots, but each one is crowded with rocks.

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The only way to uncover these hidden entrances is to drive a vehicle or throw a grenade into the pile of rocks at any of these three entrances. After the rocks are blown away, a small tunnel will be revealed. Once inside, there are piles of loot, including guns and armor sitting loose on barrels and on the floor. While reaching this loot cave is complicated by any measure, getting there with other players around is even tougher.

Either way, whoever comes out of the cave alive will have some of the best loot in all of Vikendi. By choosing I Accept , you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies.