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The history of the educational philosophies, systems, and curricula of seventeen East Asian countries are described here, with a timeline highlighting educational developments, and a special "day in the life" feature, a personal account of what it is like for a student to attend school in that country. Champaign, , 31 photog. Some two thousand women participated in the Long March, but their experience of this seminal event in the history of Communist China is rarely represented. In Choosing Revolution , Helen Praeger Young presents the oral histories of twenty-two women veterans of the Red Army's legendary six-thousand-mile "retreat to victory" before the advancing Nationalist Army.

In addition to their riveting stories of the march itself, Young's subjects reveal much about what it meant to grow up female and, in many cases, poor in China during the first decades of the twentieth century. Denoel, , p. Since , China has devoted considerable resources to information and communications technology ICT development. The approaching year mark provides an excellent opportunity to update the policy to reflect the evolving needs of China's economy. These needs include the challenges posed by industrialization, urbanization, upgraded consumption, and social mobility.

Developing a more effective ICT strategy will help China to achieve its economic and social goals. Addressing all the critical factors is complex and requires long-term commitment. This book highlights several key issues that need to be addressed decisively in the second half of this decade, through policies entailing institutional reform, to trigger broader changes. Drawing on background papers by Chinese researchers, the study provides a variety of domestic perspectives and local case studies and combines these perspectives with international experiences on how similar issues may have been addressed in other countries.

The Future of Chinese Capitalism. Oxford, , p. Building on recent conceptual and empirical advances, and rich in concrete examples, this book offers a comprehensive and systematic exploration of present-day Chinese capitalism, its component parts, and their interdependencies. It suggests that Chinese capitalism, as practiced today, in many respects represents a development from traditional business practices, whose revival has been greatly aided by the influx of investments and managerial talent from the Regional Ethnic Chinese.

On the basis of present trends in the Chinese economy as well as through comparison with four major types of capitalism -those of Germany, Japan, Korea, and the United States- the book derives a prediction of the probable development paths of Chinese capitalism and its likely competitive strengths and weaknesses. La protection juridique des inventions dans les relations commerciales entre la France et la Chine.

Princeton, , 18 tables, p. Although China's economy has grown spectacularly over the last twenty-five years, economists disagree about how the Chinese economy is likely to fare in the short- and long-term future. Is China's growth sustainable, or has China relied too much on investment, which is subject to diminishing returns, and not enough on technological change?

The first book on the relation between investment, finance, and growth in China, How China Grows dismisses this concern. James Riedel, Jing Jin, and Jian Gao argue that investment has not only been the engine of growth, but also the main source of technological progress and structural change in China.

What threatens future growth instead, the authors argue, are the weaknesses of China's financial system that undermine efficiency in investment allocation.

Financial-sector reform and development are necessary, not only for sustaining long-term growth, but also for maintaining macroeconomic stability. Durham, , p. Drawing on her research over the past two decades among urban residents and rural migrants in Hangzhou and Beijing, Lisa Rofel analyzes the meanings that individuals attach to various public cultural phenomena and what their interpretations say about their understandings of post-socialist China and their roles within it.

She locates the first broad-based public debate about post-Mao social changes in the passionate dialogues about the popular television soap opera Yearnings. Armonk, , illust. This new edition expands the coverage from where the first edition ended in to It includes new material on democratization, party politics, and the independence movement. Collectively, the chapters take the reader from the geographical and climatological setting, through the stages of premodern history and contact with China and the West, through the Japanese occupation, to the successful establishment of a modern state.

Faut-il avoir peur des usines chinoises? L'Harmattan, Collection Questions contemporaines, , p. Armonk, , maps, tables, index, p.

The eminent contributors to this volume offer a four-part analysis of the region's new importance in world affairs. Rajan Menon examines the place of Central Asia in a global perspective.

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Dmitri Trenin looks at the region from the standpoint of traditional hegemon Russia. Huasheng Zhao provides the view from economic superpower-in-the-making China. Piscataway, , p. The book presents successive periods in modern Chinese history, with each chapter divided into three parts.

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Rummel first relates the history of the period within which the nature and the amount of killings are presented. He then provides a detailed statistical table giving the basic estimates with their sources and qualifications. The final part offers an appendix that explains and elaborates the statistical computations and estimates.

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For the first time in one place, hundreds of published estimates of Chinese genocide and mass murder are listed with sources, analyzed, and their historical context presented. Autrement, , 79 p. Cartographie de Madeleine Benoit-Guyot. The key challenges facing China in the next two decades derive from the ongoing process of urbanization. How China copes with such a large migration flow will strongly influence rural-urban ine- quality, the pace at which urban centers expand their eco- nomic performance, and the urban environment.

Contents : Part 1: 1. What kind of superpower will China become, cooperative or aggressive? In this book, Susan Shirk, a former U. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State responsible for China, opens up the black box of Chinese domestic politics and reveals a fragile communist regime struggling to survive in a society turned upside down by economic growth and open markets. She argues that the West's greatest danger is not China's economic or military strength but its internal fragility. She makes the case that it is usually rising powers that provoke wars, and unless Western states understand the fears that motivate Chinese leaders, they are likely to misread and mishandle China - and find themselves in an avoidable international conflict.

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Paying for Progress in China is a collection of essays which trace the causes of these growing inequalities, using new data including surveys, interviews, newly available official statistics and in-depth fieldwork. Te Ite, , p. Ernest Sin Chan. Textes traduits du chinois par Marc Raimbourg sous la direction de Marie Holzman. The History of the People's Republic of China, Cambridge, China Quarterly Special Issues, , p.

Introduction to legal system on foreign trade and investment ; about contract law on foreign business ; about investment law on foreign business ; about intellectual property right law related to trade ; about regulations on foreign exchange control ; trial system on cases with foreign elements. This study considers the institutional evolution and progress of village elections in China.


This book studies the creation and evolution of democratic institution of village election. It examines the causes of village election, the making of state and provincial election legislation, state implementation and improvement of village election rules and procedures, and the role of domestic and foreign players in influencing electoral institutionalization of village self-governance, and it assesses the impact of village election on Chinese political development.

It argues for the institutional buildup of democratic infrastructures to ensure what could eventually be the beginning of a more extensive move towards democracy. Armonk, , bibliography, index, p. This book launches an ambitious reexamination of the elite politics behind one of the most remarkable transformations in the late twentieth century. As the first part of a new interpretation of the evolution of Chinese politics during the years , it provides a detailed study of the end of the Maoist era, demonstrating Mao's continuing dominance even as his ability to control events ebbed away.

The tensions within the gang of four, the different treatment of Zhou Enlai and Deng Xiaoping, and the largely unexamined role of younger radicals are analyzed to reveal a view of the dynamic of elite politics that is at odds with accepted scholarship. The authors draw upon newly available documentary sources and extensive interviews with Chinese participants and historians to develop their challenging interpretation of one of the most poorly understood periods in the history of the People's Republic of China. Riveneuve, , p.

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S, , p. Sommaire : On a Slippery Roof. This second volume of Critical Zone consists of two parts. The first part includes original essays that deal with the concept and practice of "empire" as a collective response to the question of how imperial formations and operations, in the past and at present, should be examined in a larger context of international politics and how historical imperialism may be considered in relation to the conditions of our time. Part II includes two sets of translations of essays, first published in Chinese, about two recent debates in China: one on the canonicity of Lu Xun and the other on the problem of how to reform Peking University in the context of globalization.

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These two groups of translations are led by review essays that contextualize the debates. A Geography of China. Piscataway, , over plates, maps, and diagrams, glossary, bibliography, index, p. When this book was originally published in the s, China was beginning to change with breathtaking rapidity.

These changes are presented here against geographical and historical background. Knowledge of the environmental facts is essential to an appreciation of the political, economic, and social problems that have faced the Chinese people. The book has been arranged in four sections: Physical, Historical, Economic, and Regional.

Such a treatment necessarily involves some repetition but this, in some ways, is an advantage as it serves to emphasize the fact that the sections are themselves very closely interlocked. No apology is needed for including a considerable historical geographical section. The subjects treated under this heading are a few choice plums selected from a basketful of excellent fruit. No attempt has been made at a connected historical surveyor treatment. Courts and Criminal Justice in Contemporary China. This is a study of Chinese judicial power as it is manifested in law-and-order campaigns and shame punishment.

Sue Trevaskes examines today's court practices and their antecedents in China by exploring "law on display" in local court trials, rallies, and campaigns.